Wholesale caviar from 6kg

Russian caviar; Beluga caviar; Sturgeon caviar.

Some really facts about the Russian caviar advantage

       Black beluga or sturgeon caviar is not only delicious, but also a healthy product. You hear something about it many times. But never actually know about true use of this unique kind of food. It is able to give the human body many valuable substances, essential amino acids. A valuable protein and special…
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Choosing the right Russian caviar

      Really quality caviar should not only be tasty to benefit the body. Choose the right and high-quality Russian caviar, produced in great tradition. And we will tell you how to do it right.     This high quality sturgeon caviar has a number of important characteristics. Thanks to knowing them, it is not to…
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Features of our production

       We have kept the best traditions of sturgeon caviar production in the most natural conditions. You have an unique chance to buy a real Russian delicacy of high quality. Our company offers you wholesale caviar. It is became reality because of  having gathered some of the best companies that grow sturgeon in its…
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Royal delicacy

       The world learned beluga (or black) caviar recently. But very soon it became quite popular all over the world. People on every continent dream to taste an excellent taste of sturgeon caviar. Now you have an unique opportunity to have king delicacy on your table.      Beluga caviar has been popular in Russia…
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The main types of natural Russian caviar

  There are many different types of caviar in the world. We tell you only about those ones  that produce our company. We are caviar distributors collaborating with the most quality fish farms in Russia.      We know about every stage of production. That is why we offer you high quality sturgeon caviar.  You have…
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